Pioneer Award for Green Building Leadership 2023

Alliance wins Pioneer Award for Green Building Leadership in Green Building Award 2023

Alliance Construction Materials Limited (“Alliance”) has been honoured with the esteemed Pioneer Award for Green Building Leadership in Green Building Award 2023, recognizing its outstanding achievements among green products and technologies businesses. This accolade highlights Alliance's exceptional integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, its prominent position in providing sustainable construction material solutions and commitment to advancing sustainable development. 

A total of 9 Pioneer Awards were presented to major players in the construction industry, and among them, Alliance stands out as the sole construction material solution provider being recognized by this prestigious award. This renowned accolade is co-organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) and the Professional Green Building Council (PGBC) biennially, stands as a pinnacle of recognition within Hong Kong, honouring the industry's unwavering dedication and tireless efforts towards creating sustainable built environments. 

Alliance’s purpose is to build a great, liveable city through sustainable concrete and aggregate solutions. Alliance has developed the plan of Sustainability Ambitions 2030 which sets out the sustainable pillars and strategic actions to realize the long-term goals. ESG is fully integrated into the Company’s business and supported by a robust governance structure to drive beyond compliance and best practices. 

Motivated by the passion for innovation and the courage to challenge the status quo, Alliance dares to pioneer new frontiers and  bring ground-breaking ideas and solutions to the market. Besides offering certified green products, Alliance is the first in the industry to issue Type III Environmental Product Declaration for ready-mixed concrete products. The Company also provides BEAM and LEED service packages to support customers’ decarbonization ambitions.

Aligning with the government’s “Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2050”, Alliance has been driving the implementation of green logistics including introduction of the first battery-electric concrete mixer truck to Hong Kong as the first step of new energy transportation project, development of 5-axle mixer truck fleet to improve carting capacity and reduce carbon reduction, and also electric vans to support quality control testing at construction sites. Alliance strives the best effort to reduce the environmental impact of operations to public by adopting a pioneering auto-truck washing and blow dry system for concrete mixer trucks. 

Alliance, as the leader and pioneer of the industry, strongly believes that its sustainability strategies and actions can help to inspire other industrial stakeholders and promote collaborative effort to achieve a more sustainable and resilient future for Hong Kong.

Pioneer Award for Green Building Leadership 2023
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