Value Added Products

High Strength Concrete  (up to 100MPa)

Allow greater flexibility in design of concrete structures, improves durability and increases resistance to aggressive environments

Long Pumping Concrete

Allow an efficient design and construction operation for building skyscrapers and construction of tunnel at the bottom of the  ground.

High Early Strength Concrete (Earlycrete ®)

Offers rapid strength development (20N/mm2 within 12 hours)  and high wear and abrasion resistance is very useful for opening / reopening up new or full-depth repaired pavements or runway than with normal or conventional mixes.

Self compacting concrete

Specially designed mix with high workability and flowability performance to save construction labour and allow more flexibility in engineering design

Foamed Concrete (Foamcrete ®)

Highly workable, generally self-leveling, self-compacting, low density material incorporating entrained air. It is ideal for filling disused fuel tanks, sewer systems, pipelines and culverts – particularly where access is difficult.  It is also a recognized medium for the reinstatement of trenches.

Lightweight Concrete

Highly workable, low density material but higher strength mix. Its good thermal insulation properties make lightweight concrete suitable for sub-screeds, make up of levels and as infill materials of walls.

Concrete Sales and Marketing

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West Kowloon Express Rail

West Kowloon Express Rail. Concrete Delivery for West Kowloon Express Rail Terminal

Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight Concrete . Lightweight concrete pour at Tsuen Wan

Barge Concrete Delivery

Barge Concrete Delivery . Barge Delivery of Special Concrete Mix for Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau Bridge

Tuen Mun Highway Fast Drying Concrete

Tuen Mun Highway Fast Drying Concrete . Fast Drying Concrete Delivery for Tuen Mun Highway