Sustainability and cost efficiency are the key driving forces for long term development of the construction industry. Alliance shares the same vision, we integrate these core values into our development strategies and daily operation, while upholding our Customer-focused promise.  

With decades of industry experience, we are committed to contributing to the construction and development of Hong Kong through the three operational principles below. 

Quarry Sales and Marketing

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Products from Traceable Sources

Local production of quarry products is not able to meet the rapid growth of construction industry in Hong Kong.  Alliance strives to maintain a stable supply of quarry products through developing potential quarries in other territories. 

With traceable and responsible sources, our diverse range of products provide extra confidence to customers. Besides adopting stringent quality control system and procedures in our quarry operations, our products have obtained full accreditations, such as ISO9001 , Construction Standards CS3, Products Certification by HKQAA and BS EN.

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Tailored Solutions to Customers

With decades of industry experience, we provide tailored quarry product solutions to fulfill special project requirements and the needs of our customers.

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Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

Alliance has been actively promoting "Low Carbon Footprint” initiatives in our rock processing plants and other day-to-day operations. To ensure full compliance with Environmental Protection Department (EPD)’s stringent requirements, our plants are well equipped with special designed rock production lines and state-of-the-art equipment, which can minimize the pollution and burden to the environment.