Green Concrete Solutions

Alliance’s Green Concrete Solutions reduce overall embodied carbon for building projects, help achieve your sustainability goals. Our green product certification and tailored green building services support construction projects’ green building rating. 

CIC Green Product Certification


  • Low carbon concrete products independently verified according to ISO14067
  • Offer 42 product groups with 31 Platinum Labels
  • 30% - 50% carbon reduction*
  • Use of recycled aggregates to further reduce embodied carbon
  • Provide Concrete Carbon Calculator to facilitate low carbon concrete mix selection

*In comparison to Eda for C30-C80 concrete of CIC Green Product Certification - Carbon Labelling Scheme

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


  • 1st concrete supplier in Hong Kong to issue Type III EPD
  • The Type III EPD independently verified according to ISO14025 & EN15804 
  • Wide coverage of any concrete mixes and projects at different project phases
  • Help fulfil LEED 4.0 as it’s a mandatory requirement for material and resources aspect

What Make Our Products “Green”?

  • Optimized concrete mixes
  • Application of supplementary cementing materials (PFA & GGBS) and recycled aggregates
  • Application of  admixture technology
  • Value Added Products (VAPs) with sustainable benefits
  • Environmentally friendly production and delivery process
  • Raw materials from traceable and responsible sources 

Our VAPs 

  •   Low Carbon Concrete

  •   Long pumping SuperpumpCrete

  •   Fast-to-set EarlyCrete

  •   Ultra-light weight FoamCrete

  •   Multifunctional SuperliteCrete

  •   Self-compacting Concrete

  •   Ultra-high Strength Concrete

  •   Fair face Concrete

  •   Underwater Anti-wash Concrete

BEAM+ 2.0 Service Package 

Materials and Waste Aspects (MW)

MW6: Recycled material (PFA & GGBS)
MW8: Regional material
MW9: Use of certified green products


1. CIC Carbon Label certificates

2. A summary report showing:

• Product name and type
• Concrete mixes details that include % of PFA / GGBS applied
• Volume supplied 
• Embodied carbon value with calculations and reference source
• Map showing the point of raw materials and distance from HKSAR

LEED 4.0 Services Package

Material and Resources (MR) Credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization: 

Environmental Product Declarations

Provision of a product-specific Type III EPD – third-party certified EPD including external verification in accordance with ISO 14025.
Sourcing of Raw Materials 
 Provision of a third-party verified GRI Sustainability Report which includes long-term ecologically responsible land use and commitment to reducing environmental impacts of extraction operations and activities associated with the product and the supply chain.
Material Ingredients
Provision of a publicly available MSDS that documents inventory of all ingredients identified by name and Chemical Abstract Service Registration Number (CASRN).