Testing and Laboratory Services

Concrete Services Limited provides testing and laboratory services for our customers.  

Accredited Testing Capabilities


In addition to our ability to design specific concrete mixes, Concrete Services Limited offer extensive concrete and aggregate physical testing services.  

We have the ability to test the following materials to the specified certification standards:


Types40mm, 20mm, 10mm, crushed rock fine, manufactured sand, river sand

Specification Requirements: CS3, BS882


Types: Normal water reducer, superplasticizer, retarder, accelerator, shrinkage reducing agent, foaming agent and other special admixtures

Specification Requirements: EN934, BS5075

Performance Test

Cementitous Materials 

Types: Cement, PFA GGBS, CSF

Specification Requirements

  • Cement:  BSEN197 – 1: 2000 and/or BS12
  • PFA:  BS3892: 1982 and/or BSEN450-1
  • GGBS:  BS6699: 1992 and/or BS EN 15167-1.
  • CSF:   CAN/CSA A23.5-M86 / BSEN13263-1: 2000

Laboratory Certifications 

  • HOKLAS 011 accredited laboratory in Concrete Physical Testing
  • Product Certification Scheme: QSPSC
  • Quality Management Certificate ISO9001

Research and Development

Pouring Cube for Foam Concrete. Cube Testing of Foam Concrete

We seek every opportunity to develop and upgrade our products for continual improvement. We are developing sustainable green concrete solutions, high performance concrete, long pumping concrete, high durable concrete and special designed concrete to suit all project and customer requirements.

Advanced Mix Management Database


We adopt the most advanced mix management database – CommandQC system to manage the concrete mix design and respective performance. CommandQC program is developed and modified to suit local applications and provides full technical support to both concrete and aggregate operations.

CommandQC system provides excellent analytical functions to monitor the concrete mix performance as well as constituent materials quality performance. 

Concrete Services Limited

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Our Team

Practical training methods and sheer hands on experience makes our staff, leaders in their field.

We have a dedicated team of technical personnel with a great depth of knowledge and practical hand’s on experience. Whether it be advice to the Customers or discussion of specification with Designers or Engineers, our experienced staff are willing to share their knowledge and provide guidance.