Tackling the threats of climate change is one of our current and long-term business sustainability goals. Since 2008, protection against climate was wider considered within our business and became an integral part of our environmental policy. We conducted a Carbon Footprint of our operations in 2008 and using the 2007 data as the baseline for determining our carbon reduction targets.

Alliance puts in place the ISO14001 environmental management system, invests in slurry water handling system to recycle the aggregates and waste water, Carbon Footprints our operations and our concrete products, and initiates to reduce the emissions.

We also joint the CarbonSmart Programme, which aimed at encouraging industry's participation in carbon audit and reduction, facilitating the development of environmental industries, in order to shape Hong Kong as a low carbon city. In 2015, we received CarbonSmart Achiever Good Level Award. 

To bring our performance to next level up, Alliance is determined to go for the ISO50001 Energy Management System certification.  We developed the energy management system, carried out initial energy review, and put in place the energy saving targets. 

Climate change affects everyone and we must play our part as well to practice energy saving at home.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Alliance has developed a comprehensive CO2 Calculator which enables us to provide to our customers the carbon impact of any of our concrete products. The tool has been developed base on ISO14067:2013.

The data is verified on the embodied carbon of the raw materials, the manufacturing and delivery processes. 

The Carbon Footprint Calculator helps customers to

  • understand the carbon impact of the concrete products they are buying
  • have most accurate data for managing their project Carbon Footprint
  • actively choose low carbon products

For further details on the Carbon Footprint Calculator, contact your Alliance representative, or email us at enquiry@concrete.hk.


Carbon Footprint to measure and reduce its environmental impact

We began carbon foot-printing our operations in 2008 to better measure and reduce its environmental impact. By using 2007 as a baseline, the emissions reduction strategy and targets were determined.

Alliance’s Carbon Footprint is very comprehensive – including emissions ranging from energy consumption of the production and delivery processes, waste disposal, water consumptio, acetylene torches used in maintenance, to flights taken by executives. The footprint applies the widely accepted Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s accounting standards (WRI/WBCSD) and Hong Kong’s Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings in Hong Kong (EMSD, EPD). 

In 2012 we initiated to verify our Carbon Inventory by independent party according to the ISO14064-1:2006.  The verification ensuring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the Carbon Inventory.

Environmental management - Carbon footprint
Concrete Product Carbon Footprint Mark

Alliance is the first construction materials company in Hong Kong to be able to provide the certified Carbon Footprint Mark for its ready-mixed concrete. We can provide verified data for local development projects.

The Carbon Footprint Mark shows that the corresponding cradle-to-gate Greenhouse Gas emission of a cubic meter of ready-mixed concrete, accounting for raw materials acquisition and delivery, manufacturing, to internal transportation to mixer trucks, is 246kg CO2-e.