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Customer Service Centre

Ensuring on-time delivery of hundreds of concrete loads daily throughout Hong Kong is no simple task.  Facing tight project schedules,  our customers always expect us to deliver at the exact time they required.  In 2011, we established the FIRST Customer Service Centre in the industry. Our Customer Service Centre centralizes orders and resources from all the plants to ensure optimal deliveries. By developing advanced Truck Allocation system and assigning dedicated manager for each customer project, we can track every delivery and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Real Time Delivery Optimization

Powered by GPS and Truck Allocation systems, our Customer Service Centre optimizes daily order deliveries in real time and best utilize our plant and truck resources to ensure on time delivery to our customers.  

GPS Truck Tracking

Precise location and status of our trucks are sent in real-time to our systems to dynamically calculate and optimize scheduled deliveries, responding to ever changing situations throughout the delivery cycle, from plant to site and beyond.  Pre-determined Geofences are created around our customer sites and critical areas to allow our system to respond when a truck has entered or exited an area.  With the constant streaming of information, Truck Allocation Optimizer performs calculations every 90s, adjusting algorithms to determine the optimal production line to batch and appropriate truck to deliver the concrete.  Our Order Allocators continuously monitor the delivery status for our customers to ensure that they are notified of unforeseen changes, with necessary adjustments made simultaneously.  

Pre-planning of customer's confirmed fax order with Truck Allocation system allow us to accurately forecast next days deliveries and make adjustments to orders and truck resources where necessary to prepare and improve our next day's on time delivery performance.  With accurate confirmed orders from our customers, our pre-planning can be made more accurate, with resources allocated effectively for better deliveries to site.  

Real time information, advanced optimization systems along with experienced allocators to manage orders set us apart from the competition.  With Truck Allocation and GPS technology, we can manage our customer's orders with higher precision, like no other in Hong Kong.