Alliance Truck at construction site

West Kowloon MTR Express Rail Link Terminus Project Site

With an on-site batching plant, Alliance ensured on-time efficient deliveries of concrete required for this large scale project.

Engineered Concrete Solution

Residential, Industrial, Commercial & Hotel Building Construction

Buildings are constructed with concrete of various grades. Concrete structures are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, it can withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Concrete being naturally fire-resistant forms a highly effective barrier to fire spread. Concrete buildings having excellent thermal mass (its ability to store heat) are also energy efficient in slowing the passage of heat moving through, reducing temperature swings and offering year-round energy savings over the life-time of the building.

Conventional and High Speed Railways

Concrete is a key and crucial material in the construction of the beds,  foundations and tracks of all types of high speed mobility solutions given its high versatility, low maintenance and long durability.

Roads, Highways & Viaduct

For road and highway construction, concrete not only offers advantages of less maintenance, longer lifetime, higher reflectivity that directly reduces the heat island effect, but also reduces rolling resistance that reduce vehicles’ fuel consumption. Concrete is integral to our future, providing the infrastructure we need to develop as a society.

Concrete Sales and Marketing

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TTS Plant Opening Ceremony

TTS Plant Opening Ceremony