Sustainable Green Concrete

Our High Performance Concrete Products provide sustainability benefits within the lifecycle of buildings and structures, while also reducing the concrete's embodied carbon.  By precise mixing and design engineering, our concrete products can satisfy almost any set of performance specifications for a diverse range of applications.

Sustainable Concrete Begins at Raw Material Source

We locally manufacture our raw materials for concrete or source them from responsible suppliers who align with our standards.  By reducing the transportation distance with imported source within 800 km from Hong Kong, we reduce the carbon emissions from transportation.

Surplus Aggregates reduce landfill overcrowd

Our aggregate production lines accept surplus rocks from local development projects, that would otherwise end up at our crowded landfills and turn them into usable aggregates for concrete.

Supplementary Cementitous Materials reduce Embodied Carbon 

By introducing supplementary cementitous materials into our designed concrete mixes, we are able to reduce the embodied carbon of our concrete products.

High Strength Concrete achieve Optimal Space

We can produce high performance concrete where the compressive strength is over 100Mpa.  This helps building designers achieve optimal space by reducing the concrete structure size.

Concrete Sales and Marketing

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Euro 5 Truck

Euro 5 Truck. Euro 5 emission standards truck allow us to produce and deliver concrete more environmentally friendly than ever

Lohas Park Green Development

Lohas Park Green Development. Sustainable Green Concrete application at Lohas Park

Research and Development

Research and Development. Sustainable Concrete Solutions enabled through continuous research and development

Tuen Mun Aggregate Depot

Tuen Mun Aggregate Depot.