The infrastructure and residential development of Hong Kong has boosted the demand for quarry products. However, the local product supply is not sufficient to meet the actual demand.  Alliance therefore has developed quarries in the PRC applying the stringent quality control and standard procedures from Hong Kong, so as to ensure stable supply of high quality products.

alliance_HD quarry

Huidong Quarry

With close proximity to Hong Kong, Huidong Quarry is well-equipped with advanced production lines and berthing facilities. The quarry products can be transferred to our aggregates depots and concrete plants in Hong Kong efficiently. Huidong Quarry has a rock reserve of more than 100 million tons and fully complies with ISO 9001 management system. 
Using modern and environmental friendly extraction technologies, we can ensure a stable supply of high quality quarry products to Hong Kong. 

Taisheng Quarry

Taisheng Quarry

Alliance is the exclusive distributor of Taisheng’s Concrete Aggregates in Hong Kong.
Location: Xinhui, Jiang Men City
Certification: Taisheng Quarry complies with ISO 9001 quality management system and it’s the first quarry in Mainland China certified by HKQAA.