Quarry Products

Providing the Best Solution

Alliance offers a series of quarry products. Besides ensuring product quality and supply stability, we are committed to providing all-in-one solution to our customers. The tailored solution we provide can meet the customers’ requirements and different project challenges.  


Concrete Aggregates

Skyscrapers, long tunnels and long span bridges are common designs in construction projects in Hong Kong. All those projects requires high strength concrete. Alliance provides high quality aggregates to our own concrete plants and other concrete mixing plants.  Aggregate materials are crucial for self-leveling mixes and ultra-high pumpabillity mixes production, which is the key for optimized elasticity and durability. Our products include 5mm, 10mm, and 20mm, all comply with CS3 and BS 882, which is ideal for ready mix concrete production and precast concrete structures fabrication.  


Asphalt Aggregates

Road construction is critical to urban development, which will drive the demand of asphalt materials. Alliance provides 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and crushed rock fine as raw materials for asphalt mixing. Our products comply with BS882:1983 and its amendments, which are ideal for different asphalt structures or asphalt concrete for roads and airport runway pavement.


Products for Infrastructure Works

Infrastructure projects require the use of subbase, granular materials, rockfill and other materials for various applications. Alliance supports Hong Kong’s infrastructure development by providing products comply with General Specification for Civil Engineering Works - 2006 Edition Hong Kong and related specifications, which is suitable for pavement, drainage works, backfilling and railway maintenance etc. 

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Hui Dong Quarry.

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