Quarry Products

Premium Aggregate Solution

Alliance is always committed to providing our valued customers with the comprehensive array of aggregate products, fostering long-term relationships by providing reliable, high-quality service and consistent product quality. To accomplish this end , Alliance is constantly adapt to our customers’ specific needs through high quality aggregates for applications in construction concrete and civil works materials to infrastructure and other specialty applications.

Concrete Aggregates

Nowadays, high rise building dominated the highly developed cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei. The use of high strength concrete is essential for these buildings. We supply high quality aggregates to Alliance concrete plants to enable the production of high strength concrete up to 100 Mpa, strongly increasing the concrete workability and durability.

Civil Works Requirement

A large amount of rock products such as sub-base, granular, filter materials were produced to support the infrastructure development of the HKSAR including the 10 major infrastructure projects.

Special Products

Long wearing life asphalt for highways, air-port runways, etc. are successfully produced which enhanced the competitiveness of Hong Kong. We provided high quality marine product, armour rock for under-sea cabling works to provide steady power supply from power plant to various locations in Hong Kong.

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