Run for Hope 2023

Run for Charity 

Run for Hope is a virtual charity run of Alliance since 2021 that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and uphold corporate social responsibility. Alliance will donate $100,000 to Po Leung Kuk to support its social welfare initiatives if the participants all together achieve 15,000km+ runs and walks during the event period.

Event Period:  1 Oct – 31 Dec, 2023
Who can join:  Everyone can join in for free

This is the third year of Alliance - Run for Hope. The event not only demonstrates our care to the vulnerable groups, but it also aims to encourage our staff and everyone to work out regularly and develop a healthy lifestyle.  
From 2021 to 2022, we donated HKD200,000 to Po Leung Kuk supporting their social welfare services for different vulnerable groups. The first event in 2021 was an internal event for all Alliance’s staff. It received an overwhelming response that all participants had smashed the goal of finishing 1,000km of runs and walks. It gave us the confidence to upgrade the run target of the 2022 event to 3,000km and extended the invitation to our parent companies, friends and relatives of the staff.
This year, Alliance will continue to support Po Leung Kuk by making a charitable donation of HKD100,000 if the participants all together achieve 15,000km+ of runs and walks during the event period. 

How to Join ?

1. Run (Team or Individual) 
•    Form a team of >4 people to finish 1 or more runs or join individually 
•    Record your result by apps or e-devices 
•    Log-in to the event app to submit your result with screenshot and photos

2. Walk  
•    Join the walk as an individual to walk a distance of >3km each time
•    Record your result by apps or e-devices 
•    Log-in to the event app to submit your result with screenshot and photos

Our Goal - Achieve 15,000KM

Promotion Video

Alliance Run for Hope - Promotion Video 2023

Let's Run!

Event Trophies

Participants can compete for the 3 award categories including the Individual Trophy, Departmental Trophy (for Alliance’s staff only) and Team Trophy. Those who achieve the longest distance of run and walks will be the winners. 

Trophy Details

A Fully Digitalized Event

Run for Hope is a fully digitalised event with designated app. The event app enables participants to design their own cartoon character, submit run and walk result, upload photos as well as checking the real time runner ranking and total distance achieved.  

8 Best Trails and Bonus Star

Special feature added to the app this year is “8 Best Trails”. It echoes the government’s promotion of Hong Kong as a “City of Nature” by introducing the 8 most popular running and hiking trails in Hong Kong. Participants who explore any of the 8 trails will get one bonus star, and the star will allow them to select special superhero uniforms for their app cartoon character. 

Po Leung Kuk Donation Link

Event App Download